Friday, March 22, 2013

Turkey Tips


Hi Everyone,

I sent out the remainder of the Turkey legs and some wings this week. I realize this is not always the most popular meat product we produce but in that it’s a CSA and we have a need for no waste as well as the fact that when prepared well the turkey extremities are amazing I shipped them out anyway.

Our birds are heritage breeds and they fly and roam and perch the old fashioned way, as such the meat is tough if thrown onto the grill.

Here are some tips for turkey legs and wings. First off go slow. A braise of white wine or chicken stock at 285 degrees for three hours will melt away most of your troubles.

Take some olive oil and cook down half an onion sliced coarsely in a 6 inch deep pot/pan. Salt and pepper the wings, and place them over the softened onions. Pour cheap dry white wine or stock two inches deep. Let this simmer in the oven at 285 for three hours. You can crisp the skin in a skillet when finished if you like or take them out of the braise and set them on a cookie sheet in a hot broiler for a minute or so. Add whatever accouterments you prefer and serve.

You can also make an on the fly confit. This takes a day to prepare but it is so delicious. Cover the turkey legs in salt and sugar and then place them in a large, shallow pan. Take another pan the same size and place it on top of the legs. Then take your favorite unabridged dictionary and place three volumes on top of that pan the press the legs for 12 hours or so. Remove the legs from under the books and wrap them up in thinly sliced unsalted pork fat (need some? I’ll pass it on to you) or buy some duck fat and smother the legs in it. Then wrap the legs in foil and bake at 200 for four hours, crisp the skin before serving and enjoy, this is an amazing, easy dish.


PS: Nina prepared some turkey legs last week which she said were equally easy to prepare as they were delicious to eat. She is going to post her recipe and photos soon.

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